25 Best Surfing Spots in the World

These spots will make quench your heartache for a good ride. Soft sand, clear water, white sunshine, cool winds, and tall waves are guaranteed at these hotly-tipped surfing spots.

Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii

The first one is the Banzai Pipeline, in Hawaii which is, as you might know, the surfing capital of the world. Hawaii is the mecca of surfing and Banzai Pipeline is by far the most famous surf break in the world.

Banzai Pipeline is a stretch of coastline which is on the North Shore and has around thirty-six surf breaks. If you have never heard of this place, maybe the “Seven Mile Miracle” will ring a bell.

This hotspot has several surfing spots. Keep in mind that Banzai Pipeline is a pretty crowded space since each December Pipeline is the spot where Surfing Professionals Worlds Tour is held, after Australia, South Africa, California, Brazil, and Tahiti.

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Hawaii has the Banzai Pipeline, and South Africa has Jeffrey’s Bay. This is the place where the Billabong Pro Surf Contest is held every year.

If you expect to see a small village with just a few inhabitants you are wrong! In the past few years, the surfing industry grew, and this place became a real surfing city.